Tuesday, 31 Jan 2023
Ministry initiates project to install safety devices in school buses

Ministry initiates project to set up security devices in college buses

The project has been initiated to avoid accidents involving college buses. The safety method contains an audio and video warning device to alert students on the bus following the driver leaves, GPS tracker to monitor bus movement and a remote handle device to operate and cease
the bus.

“For Oman LNG, safety and security of children is a key priority. Targeting over 12,000 students, the Directorate General of Education in South Sharqiyah governorate has started the installation of safety devices in school buses,” the business stated.

MoE requires action against transport business. Meanwhile, MoE has also initiated action against the transport business whose driver was
involved in the accident final week that led to the death of a student in a college bus in Ruwi.

In a statement, the ministry mentioned that it has terminated the contract of the transport business and notified the Public Prosecution of the accident. The student’s death due to the driver’s negligence follows several circulars issued by the authorities on this matter.

“The driver has to make sure that the bus is empty on arrival at the destination and the windows are partly open. The driver should also ensure that the road is clear of students to avoid any untoward incidents in future,”
it mentioned.

The ministry has urged all owners of college buses and their drivers to adhere to security measu-res diligently.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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