Tuesday, 30 May 2023
MHC unearths three archaeological settlement sites in Dhahirah

MHC unearths 3 archaeological settlement web sites in Dhahirah

The 3 settlement web sites from the Neolithic, Bronze and Iron ages had been unearthed in Dhahirah’s Ain Bani Saada region.

The initial website (Qumaira 1) dates back to the third millennium BC. It includes 4 chambers, several skeletal remains and numerous funerary artefacts, such as pottery vessels, stones, beads and arrows. The biggest of the website is Qumaira two which belongs to the Neolithic Age. Excavations at this website revealed residential buildings that had been constructed on stone foundations, such as a circular tower. A quantity of neighborhood and imported pottery fragments as well had been identified.

The third website from the Bronze Age settlement seemed to have survived via the Iron Age and the late Islamic period. These buildings had been constructed on stone foundations with complicated divisions. This settlement was connected to 3 stone towers 1 getting equivalent to the Rajum Tower at the website of Bat, which also functions its curved ring wall.

The ministry stated that Qumaira was an crucial settlement due to its place as the trade route for copper and availability of water. Settlements continued to flourish for a extended time in the region from the third millennium to the initial century BC and the Islamic period.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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