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MHC to tackle trafficking in cultural goods this year

MHC to tackle trafficking in cultural goods this year

The ministry will establish visitor centres in a quantity of archaeological and historical websites, specifically the websites listed beneath Unesco World Heritage List.

H E Salim bin Mohammed al Mahrouqi, Undersecretary for Heritage in MHC, mentioned that the ministry has been in a position to implement several essential programmes and scientific and considerable publications that contribute to the cultural and historical function of Oman in the Arabian Peninsula.

He pointed out that the ministry has fundamental and important projects in the heritage structure, which includes the building of new museums, such as the Natural History Museum and the Maritime History Museum, and the establishment of modern day shops for conservation and restoration. It will also organise collections of antiquities, which are deemed as an important national treasure.

He mentioned that the ministry will perform to organise exhibitions in the sultanate and museum exhibitions abroad, in cooperation with international museums. It will also establish modern day facilities for housing manuscripts according to very best practices.

H E Mahrouqi affirmed that the ministry was in a position to effectively safeguard essential attributes of the architectural heritage in the previous decades.

It has overseen the restoration of 82 castles and fortresses, almost 200 towers and 52 mosques, a quantity of walls and markets. Recently, the ministry started supplying restricted and selective subsidy for a quantity of exceptional homes that belong to citizens in terms of architectural qualities.

He mentioned that the Maritime History Museum’s common program, which will be completed by the finish of this year, is at present beneath preparation.

A vision is also getting created on how to offer financing by involving the private sector in this essential project, which will be constructed in the wilayat of Sur.

Meanwhile, perform is beneath way in terms of choice and classification, so that the rehabilitation will coincide with the begin of the implementation of the project in time. He additional mentioned that perform is beneath way in the implementation of ‘Fatih al Khair Centre’ in Sur following the signing of the sponsorship agreement with Oman LNG whilst Madha Museum will be opened quickly.

Regarding the Children’s Museum, H E Mahrouqi mentioned that an agreement was signed with the French University of Sciences to prepare a consultative study on how to create it and add new programmes, specifically following the establishment of the children’s library.
He added that perform is carried out in coordination with the Ministry of Education and The Research Council.

(With input from ONA)

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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