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MHC making effort to collect, preserve rare manuscripts

MHC creating work to gather, preserve uncommon manuscripts

In a bid to preserve the national treasure, the ministry not only restores uncommon manuscripts but also preserves them in a digital format so that they are not lost forever. The Department of Manuscripts at MHC maintains a lot more than five,000 manuscripts in different fields of science.

It preserves, maintains, and requires care of them to make certain their existence for years to come in their original type, provided the information and intellectual value of Omani manuscript, and constitute a information, scientific and cultural asset of fantastic value and fantastic prestige.

Historically, manuscripts have a cultural worth and intellectual information as a historical supply of fantastic value, and 1 of the crucial channels for information of historical details and information values, simply because they include science, news, events and ethics, in addition to reflecting their personal age of the scientific, intellectual, social and cultural attributes. To restore and preserve the manuscripts, the ministry has a library, which is lightproof and temperature controlled. It has began digitisation method of the whole collection. The division has purchased two machines for digitisation, every costing about RO16,000.

Eventually, the collection is produced accessible on-line so that it aids researchers and historians to market additional analysis and develop awareness about Oman’s wealthy legacy. The division has uncommon manuscripts on literature, medicine, chemistry, hadith, Islamic jurisprudence, philosophy, astronomy and a lot more. The method is on to catalogue and index all manuscripts.

The manuscript division constantly tends to make efforts to appear out for manuscripts and urges individuals to come forward and get their manuscript archived or scanned so that a copy of it is preserved in a digital format and not lost forever.

For this, the ministry from time to time sends its personnel in the interiors to educate individuals about the significance of preserving and archiving uncommon handwritten books that have been with the Omani households for generations.

According to ministry estimate, there are a lot more than 30,000 considerable and uncommon manuscripts in the nation but only about five,000 have so far been restored and archived at the Manuscripts Department at MHC.

“They are encouraged to give it to the ministry but a majority of them refuse to part with the manuscript or even acknowledge that they have it. Some manuscript owners demand so much money that the ministry cannot afford.”

The division has established numerous exhibitions in universities and colleges to acquaint students with the value of manuscripts and how to preserve them effectively.

In the field of printing and publishing, the manuscript division has been capable to publish a quantity of new titles this year, for instance Djami’ Ibn Baraka and Djami’ Ibn Jaafar.

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Information Source: Muscat Daily

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