Tuesday, 31 Jan 2023
MGS organises Toastmasters Speechcraft Programme

MGS organises Toastmasters Speechcraft Programme

This programme is an internationally acclaimed 1 by Toastmasters International with its presence in 141 nations possessing much more than 16,400 clubs and more than 352,000 members.

Toastmasters Speechcraft Programme is a formal course in the art of creating public speaking abilities and is 1 of the very best programmes accessible for driving away apprehensions and creating self-confidence amongst participants, so as to bring out the very best in them.

Participation in a Speechcraft Programme assists participants organise their thoughts appropriately, create successful scripts for their speech subjects and at some point assists them in boosting their self-confidence levels.

Usually, each and every year, Muscat Gujarati Samaj organises the Youth Leadership Programmes for youngsters in the age group of 12-15 years, but this time, MGS came up with a novel thought of operating a Speechcraft Programme for the lady members of MGS so as drive away any inhibitions that the ladies might have about expressing their thoughts and empowering them with the ability set needed for speaking in front of group of folks and expressing their thoughts confidently.

As in the previous years, this Toastmasters Programme was organised in association with Morison Muscat Toastmasters and was spearheaded by the duo of Rajendra Varma from MMTC and Manoj Ranade from MGS. The duo was ably supported by 5 other coordinators, namely, Sparsha Vyas, Meenakshi Natan, Chetan Shah, Suryakant Kirloskar and Natan Subramanian. Seven sessions of two and a half hours each and every have been carried out exactly where the lady participants have been coached and mentored on speech writing and delivery as nicely as impromptu speaking.

Several educational sessions have been carried out on the choice of speech subject, organising the speech, use of gestures in speaking, voice and vocabulary and so on to make a speech successful.

In the Grand Finale, the lady members of MGS showed their abilities acquired in the course of the Speechcraft Programme. The Best Speaker Award at the Grand Finale went to Harsha Jethmalani, the Best Evaluator Award went to Farzana Nayas and the Best Table Topic Speaker Award went to Deepika Tailor. Toastmasters Speechcraft Programme certificates have been awarded to all participants. 

The chief guest for the occasion, Sushma Indra Mani Pandey, showered praises on MGS and gave a really inspirational message to all the lady participants. MGS convener Chandrakant Chothani was overwhelmed by the marvelous performances.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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