Wednesday, 29 Mar 2023
Mercedes-Benz Oman hosts second ‘She’s Mercedes’ service event

Mercedes-Benz Oman hosts second ‘She’s Mercedes’ service occasion

Aiming to empower their female drivers with the understanding they require to drive their automobiles in utmost self-assurance, the workshop integrated talks on how to verify tire stress, what to do in case of a breakdown, the significance of service as effectively as reside ‘Smart Repair’ demonstrations on painless dent removal and a lot more.

Lawrence Good, Mercedes-Benz Oman CEO, mentioned, “It is important for our female customers to know how to get the best from their vehicle and with that comes the essence of maintaining a regular service. We know that women lead the busiest of lives, whether they are career driven, full-time mothers or both, they need a car that will provide them with a safe, reliable and efficient drive. We therefore saw an opportunity to organise an informative session for women, to ensure their vehicles will keep up with their day-to-day lives.”

A worldwide initiative, ‘She’s Mercedes’ was inspired by Bertha Benz, Karl Benz’s wife, a visionary lady and an automotive pioneer who undertook the very first lengthy-distance automobile ride in history. Her daring validation of the automobile notion paved the way for the Mercedes-Benz achievement story. It is also her bold courage that encouraged strength and innovation amongst effective ladies more than the years and is what gave birth to the notion that the energy of minds can impact excellence. Transcending the centuries these days, the ‘She’s Mercedes’ Service Event offers a platform to connect ladies and give them the chance to share opinions, experiences, exchange tips and spark conversations that will drive their ambitious.

Checking tyre stress was a single of the priorities on the evening’s agenda, whereby Mercedes-Benz Service representatives talked about the significance of sustaining the appropriate tyre stress specifically when driving on some of Oman’s uneven terrain. Another important discussion, well-liked amongst the guests, was the breakdown process. In truth, answering to elevated inquiries from its consumers, Mercedes-Benz Oman not too long ago launched a series of videos with a step-by-step guide on the different security and alert attributes inside the Mercedes-Benz automobiles.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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