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Master craftsman demonstrates ancient Persian enameling technique

Master craftsman demonstrates ancient Persian enameling method

Isfahan born Hossein Peikam is keen to share the strategies he has acquired from 30 years of encounter with festival-goers. The intricate floral styles he paints on copper vessels are mere microns. Clusters of delicate brush strokes which look to be completed with no rhyme or cause kind geometrical shapes when place collectively.

To show the top quality of the enamel on his completed pieces which variety in value from a couple of rials to RO7,000, Peikam energetically runs a metal nail along the surface of his functions, proving they are extremely scratch-resistant.

“I was born in 1968 and trained under Ahmad Peikam and Morteza Esmaeily. I am proud to have had the opportunity to carry on minakari tradition which is one of the oldest and most beautiful crafts of Persia.”

An enthusiastic Peikam explains the method. “In order to prepare an enamel work, select copper receptacles are covered in kaolinite [clay mineral] and baked three times. After each glazing, the pieces are put in a kiln. This creates a smooth white surface to paint on. After the painting is finalised, the piece is put in the kiln one final time at no less than 600°C. Isfahan is considered to be the most important centre for the production of high quality enamel in the world,” he stated.

While the method of enamel-on-metal has been adopted by other nations, Iranian minakari virtually usually heavily attributes the azure shade of blue. Mina, the feminine of minoo in Persian language and tradition, refers to the azure shade of heaven.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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