Friday, 31 Mar 2023
Mandarin Restaurant Sohar enthralls children with special needs

Mandarin Restaurant Sohar enthralls youngsters with unique wants

Masoom Raza, restaurant manager, stated, “We at Mandarin are sincerely committed to honest causes in our society. Our motto is always to spread happiness and joy among people. The students were full of life and enthusiasm and their smiles with our delicious food added the much needed beauty to our restaurant.” Raza added that the team at Mandarin is satisfied to devote their efficiency for these youngsters.

Junaid Kader, basic manager, Jawad Sultan Restaurants, stated, “Happiness is in sharing, and, at Mandarin, we are happy to share happiness and smiles with these lovely children. Mandarin is a place where originality meets perfection, where friends and loved ones come together for a great meal experience to enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine at an even better price.”

“At Mandarin we aim to serve you better and make sure that you enjoy the mandarin dining experience each time you visit us,” he added.

The Mandarin Chinese Restaurant, brings to the table the genuine taste of China with a unique à la carte menu ready by the masterchef to satiate the bon vivant in you. Guests can select from a delectable variety of lip-smacking soups, an irresistible assortment of rice and noodles to select from and sea meals selections of the principal meals course that will give the gourmets a opportunity to expertise the distinct regional foods from across China. The principal course on the menu is in depth as the aromas and flavours of dishes are completely blended adding that additional zing to your expertise, which leaves you coming back for a lot more.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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