Wednesday, 31 May 2023
Majan University College holds alumni gathering event

Majan University College holds alumni gathering occasion

Representatives from the college’s Board of Directors, several employers who recruit Majan graduates, academic employees from the University of Bedfordshire – Majan’s affiliation companion, and academic and help employees from Majan have been also in attendance.

Philip Barber, chair of the Majan College Alumni Association (MCAA), delivered the opening address and explained how Majan believed that for MCAA to be really productive, it required alumni to be represented on the MCAA committee. Further, he announced that the second election of 12 MCAA members, by their peers, to the MCAA committee would take spot this month.

The MCAA chair also thanked every person who had produced the occasion feasible, specifically the MCAA committee members.

Following the welcoming address several videos have been shown to guests informing them of the numerous activities, achievements and modifications that have taken spot because Majan was initial established. The final video ‘Our Story’ was a chronological timeline of events, beginning with the college’s opening in 1995 and finishing in December 2017, when Majan became the initial larger education institution to obtain complete institutional accreditation from Oman’s Academic Accreditation Authority (OAAA).

The dean of Majan College, Dr Maha Kobeil then explained to guests, especially the alumni and employers, how they would advantage from Majan’s current accreditation. The dean also added how proud she was of Majan’s graduates and the way in which they added worth to the Majan brand by means of their endeavours in the function spot.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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