Monday, 6 Feb 2023
Luxury fragrance brand Amouage warns consumers against cheap look-alikes

Luxury fragrance brand Amouage warns customers against low-cost appear-alikes

According to a press release, the counterfeit items of the Oman-primarily based luxury fragrance, have been seized by authorities as component of UAE government’s initiative against sale of fake products in the nation. After notifying the organization of the scenario and with the perpetrators place behind bars, David Crickmore, CEO, Amouage warned customers against getting any Amouage solution if sold for a lesser cost.

“If the retailer is not an approved Amouage retailer, he is selling the goods outside the safety net the brand’s shops can provide and you cannot know whether it is fake or expired. If you are offered Amouage cheaper than the standard price in its own shops, be very careful, as Amouage cannot guarantee its origins. There are even now producers who are copying our packaging design, our bottle shape and even our caps and they have no shame in passing themselves off as Amouage,” stated Crickmore.

He added, “This ‘passing off’ and pretending you are the brand, is just as bad as fakes and they are to be avoided, because they could do you very serious harm. Only original products from certified Amouage shops are totally safe. Nothing sold anywhere else can be trusted as being real, or unexpired.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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