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Lt Gen Nabhani praises joint efforts in military exercises

Lt Gen Nabhani praises joint efforts in military workouts

Muscat – 

The not too long ago concluded national military workout, Al Shomoukh two and joint workout Swift Sword three, which had been carried out with the participation of British Armed Forces, had been a model for joint national function at which the efforts of all military, safety and civil sectors of the sultanate collaborated, stated Lt Gen Ahmed bin Harith al Nabhani, chief of employees of the Sultan’s Armed Forces (SAF) and director of the workout.

Lt Gen Nabhani stated, “This national action had been given sufficient time to prepare and plan, in order to achieve the ambitions and envisaged objectives which are necessary in our time to keep pace with the rapid development of modern military concepts and the management of present conflicts. They are also necessary in order to preserve the achievements of our nation and maintain its security and stability.”

The workouts took spot all through October.

“The participants in the two workouts demonstrated excellent capacity to strategy and implement frequent operations and joint operations. The participants worked side by side in an effective and capable manner with their counterparts from the British Armed Forces. We can confirm that all stages had been implemented as planned.

“We were able to try and test the theoretical systems and laws on the ground with high professionalism and accuracy. The commands of the forces in the field adapted to the scenario prepared to achieve the national goal and provide all participants from different sectors with the required experiences in such large national events.”

He stated that the quantity of participants for the workouts from various organisations stood at 88,000. It was the very first occasion of its type in the history of joint workouts implemented by the sultanate in terms of size. SAF chief of employees praised the strategic level, the Omani diplomacy, the financial aspect and the crucial roles they played in the workout activities. He added that the function played by the ministers concerned with civil government institutions participating in the activities of the workouts had a substantial influence on the good interaction of these institutions.

He thanked all the commanders for their meticulous and expert function in issuing guidelines for the deployment of units and their movements all through the workout period. He also expressed his thanks to national bodies and committees that worked tirelessly for the achievement of workouts.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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