Monday, 6 Feb 2023
KR’s Eshraqa donates 207 smart TVs across Izki

KR’s Eshraqa donates 207 intelligent TVs across Izki

The aim of this initiative is to boost education improvement particularly for youngsters at the college level across the governorate, beneath 1 of Eshraqa’s founding pillars – Education.

The occasion team accompanied by Nailesh Khimji, director of Khimji Ramdas, and Eshraqa members, met with Sheikh Mohammed bin Shihab bin Hamed al Balushi, Wali of Izki, to provide the TVs on behalf of the organization and reiterate their help for education in neighborhood communities.

Khimji mentioned, “This go to is component of our vision to empower students and help the efforts of neighborhood educators to provide education that will positively contribute to the future of neighborhood youth and strengthen the sultanate by means of human capital investments.
Under our core pillar focusing on CSR and education, ‘Eshraqa Learns’ seeks to supply access to the indicates needed for higher possibilities for capacity developing, ability improvement and academic attainment as an important foundation for us enhancing the top quality of our lives.”

Balushi mentioned, “We thank Khimji Ramdas’ Eshraqa for their commitment to the improvement of neighborhood communities and initiating optimistic engagement for the development and progress of our nation.

“This initiative will help improve the school’s facilities and will undoubtedly benefit students, faculty and the community as a whole.”

The 175 TVs had been donated to the seven schools in Izki: Awas bin Thabit, Labid bin Rabia, Al Azhar al Azkawi, Al Qalah, Al Thuraya, Al Mawahib and Murtafa’at. Thirty-two TVs had been donated to Imti youngsters activity corner, Qalat al Awamer youngsters activity corner and females association activity corner.

As a physique focused on neighborhood nicely-getting in numerous capacities, Eshraqa believes that education is a important ingredient for financial sustainability, society and environmental excellence. Under the core pillar of ‘Eshraqa Learns’ the team has delivered a broad variety of initiatives across Oman, such as scholarships and infrastructural help to government schools.

Amongst its donations, Eshraqa has lately offered 13 sunshades to schools in Muscat and Samail, in addition to 118 intelligent TVs, 184 surveillance cameras and 3 artificial playgrounds with turf.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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