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Kriya Yoga helps achieve healthy body and mind

Kriya Yoga assists accomplish healthful physique and thoughts

Kriya Yoga is a time-tested method, primarily based on sound, light and Vibrations, which by means of a really certain catalogued science of breath, activates the brain cells and spine, which in turn enables a single to get a balance of thoughts and wellness. Through the continuous practice of this meditation method, a method of mental transformation happens that permits folks to acquire ethical intellectual and spiritual experiences molding their life into a meaningful existence. It has been instrumental in altering life of millions.

The lineage of Kriya Masters begins from Mahavatar Babaji to Paramhamsa Yogananda Giri, Paramhamsa Hariharananda Giri to the existing Master Paramhamsa Prajnananada Giri.

‘Autobiography of a Yogi’, the greatest-promoting book on spirituality, translated into 46 distinct languages, was penned by Parmahamsa Yogananada. It is such a motivating book that Steve Jobs, at his funeral service, had pre-planned to hand out a single copy of this book to each and every pal who attended the ceremony this was certainly his final message to the planet.

There is a group of practitioners in Muscat representing Kriya Yoga International who conduct group meditations on weekends. They are preparing to host a Kriya Yoga Meditation workshop for interested participants in Muscat. 

Those interested can ask for info by contacting or sending a message on WhatsApp +968-95301725/+968-96631517 or e mail

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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