Tuesday, 30 May 2023
Khimji Ramdas Insurance Services organises cricket tournament

Khimji Ramdas Insurance Services organises cricket tournament

“The intention behind the event was to enjoy cricket and to create a fun-filled day for the insurance community in Oman. Events like this are vital in reaffirming corporate ties and forging new relationships, for they provide a laid back and leisure environment. KR Insurance Services was able to make the event a success, thanks to the support of insurance companies in Oman,” mentioned Vikaus Siingh, enterprise head of KR Insurance Services.

Ten of the country’s insurance coverage firms nominated their respective teams for the tournament, out of which the best 4 from the league matches certified for the semi-finals. They have been Al Ahlia Insurance, National Life &amp General Insurance, Takaful Oman Insurance and Muscat Insurance Company.

The day’s innings ensued in a round of hard matches following which Takaful Oman Insurance emerged as the winner of KR Insurance Cup 2018 National Life &amp General Insurance was the runner-up. The trophies and prizes have been distributed to the winners of KR Insurance Cup 2018 by common manager, Cashio Sebastian, and M C Jose, CEO, P&ampL Group of KR.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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