Tuesday, 30 May 2023
Kargeen Nights now at Muscat Bay

Kargeen Nights now at Muscat Bay

Muscat’s iconic Kargeen will welcome guests each second Friday, serving up their special blend of exquisite chicken, beef and lamb and fresh seafood, all 100 per cent Halal cuisine, accompanied by an assortment of side dishes and drinks, on a gorgeous candle light setting on the lawns of Muscat Bay.

Paul Jessup, vice president of Sales and Marketing, mentioned, “Muscat Bay is a extremely particular spot, due to its special place, gorgeous outlook to the bay, iconic architecture, entertainment facilities and gorgeous parks. All of these are crucial components that showcase the Bay as 1 of the most well-known upcoming destinations in the sultanate.

“For this reason, we are thrilled to join hands with Kargeen which is renowned for its exquisite Arabian cuisine, and a relaxing Omani atmosphere. With ambient eastern melodies alongside appetising meals, guest will be able to enjoy an extraordinary and unforgettable experience, dining under the stars at Muscat Bay.”

Jalil Abdullah al Asfoor, co-founder of Kargeen, mentioned, “The signing of this agreement coincides with our 20th anniversary, marking yet another milestone in our journey. Through our partnership with Muscat Bay, we hope to offer clients with a really memorable dining expertise and a gorgeous setting for our guests.

“We will be offering the complete Kargeen dining experience, with a wide menu selection suited for different tastes, including grills and Arabian-styled seafood. Through this, we seek to create a memorable and pleasant experience that will compel the guests to come back for more.”

The events will be held twice a month, beginning from January 19 onwards. Dinner will be served from 7 to 9.30pm, followed by entertaining eastern music that will extend beyond midnight. There will also be an chance to pay a visit to the exclusive model villa, which is showcased to inform guests of the modern day life-style on supply in Muscat Bay.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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