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Kalabhavan to celebrate Thyagaraja Music Festival on April 27

Kalabhavan to celebrate Thyagaraja Music Festival on April 27

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Kalabhavan School of Music &amp Arts, the franchisee of Kochin Kalabhavan, will be celebrating the Thyagaraja Music Festival on Friday, April 27 at Bausher Club Hall, Bausher, to spend homage to the excellent saint Thyagaraja who was an inspired composer and a single of the Trinity of Carnatic music. The chief guest of the occasion is P K Nair, second secretary (Cons.), Embassy of India, Muscat.

Thyagaraja’s contributions to Carnatic Music, the classical music of South India, are immense. His life and kirtanas are the heritage of Indian culture expressed in classical Carnatic music. This heritage can be described as the eternal verities of divinity.  His songs are frozen melodies intuited in the inspired depths of a saintly soul.   

Thyagaraja was born in 1767 in Tiruvarur, a little town in the Thanjavur district of Tamil Nadu in India. Thyagaraja’s life and functions are a supply of excellent inspiration to young poets and musicians.

Young artistes think that they will be blessed with a melodious voice if they anoint the shrine with honey and sing Thyagaraja’s songs at his memorial.

Saint Thyagaraja had composed a number of Kritis in different ragaas. His music is a treasure and an undivided house. It belongs to all musicians and music lovers. His compositions are monuments to music.  The Pancharatna Kritis are the most representative of Saint Thyagaraja’s art as a composer.  His contributions have had a special influence on carnatic music, its style, evolution and improvement. Sri Thyagaraja has identified a particular spot in the hearts of numerous music lovers, appreciators of fine arts and worshippers of God by means of music. The greatness of Sri Thyagaraja lies in the truth that his songs, like himself had a simplicity about them that added and complemented its rhythmic and melodious qualities. His innumerable compositions paved the way for the improvement of carnatic music in South India and have educated generations successively and traditionally in music in South India.

Kalabhavan has been conducting Thyagaraja Music Festival in Oman for the previous 11 years. Kalabhavan’s vocal and carnatic instrument students from Ghubra, Al Hail and Ruwi branches will be participating in the programme. The occasion, which is scheduled to commence at six.30pm, is open to all the music lovers. 

Kalabhavan provides typical coaching in carnatic music, Indian classical dance, cinematic dance, keyboard, tabala, mridangam, drums and other instruments in addition to Art &amp Craft and Karate. Kalabhavan follows the Trinity College of London’s syllabus for its Keyboard, Guitar and Drum coaching.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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