Thursday, 1 Dec 2022
Italian opera Pagliacci at ROHM this weekend

Italian opera Pagliacci at ROHM this weekend

This extensively performed Italian opera was staged by Maestro Franco Zeffirelli, recognised as the world’s most gifted and original stage directors. The Orchestra and Chorus of Teatro dell’Opera di Roma are performed by Paolo Olmi.

Pagliacci is primarily based on a accurate story about the tragic irony in the life of a theatre clown, Canio who tends to make folks laugh although his personal life falls apart. When Canio, sung by star tenor José Cura, discovers from Tonio (Marco Vratogna), an ill-intentioned fool, that his wife, Nedda (Davinia Rodriguez), an actor in his business, is about to elope with a lover, Silvio (Gëzim Myshketa), Canio becomes insanely jealous. Life mirrors theatre, but requires a violent turn into reality.

Cura mentioned, “I have my roots in Lebanon and thus I feel an emotional attachment when I come to Oman. All this while we were from hotel to backstage and now we finally get to see the gorgeous house and its corridors and it feels great to be part of this enormous system.”
He added that Oman is a fairly young opera audience.

“Young not in years of age but in terms of experiences; however it is always good to perform to new people because the ground is still fertile and it becomes easy for people to grasp.”
He compared the essence of Pagliacci to the modern day occasions and mentioned that the opera content material is relevant even in today’s planet contemplating the ongoing #metoo movement.

“We might debate about the hashtag and there might be also overreaction and political stands with the #metoo; but the opera is relevant to the present day issues as well considering the social entertainment world.”

The ‘Me Too’ movement spread in October 2017 as a hashtag employed on social media to aid demonstrate the widespread prevalence of sexual harassment.

Davinia, who also acted as Lady Macbeth, mentioned she is satisfied to come to Oman and is also thrilled to have her six year old daughter, Sophia play a important function in the opera.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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