Thursday, 30 Mar 2023
ITA announces categories of Sultan Qaboos Award for Excellence in eGovernment

ITA announces categories of Sultan Qaboos Award for Excellence in eGovernment

Dr Salim bin Sultan al Ruzaiqi, CEO of Information Technology Authority (ITA) stated, “The Sultan Qaboos Award for Excellence in eGovernment was initial announced in 2010. With this award we aspire to bring about each a qualitative and quantitative transformation in public-service delivery by honouring eGovernance/technologies projects that have resulted in exceptional achievements, impacts and innovations by harnessing details technologies as effectively as guaranteeing the implementation of the internationally recognised very best practices in ICT.

“The award also seeks to ensure the adoption of international best practices in evaluating the level of improvement in eService to support e.oman strategy and strengthening the ICT utilisation for higher economic and socio-cultural progress in the sultanate.”

Dr Ruzaiqi stated that the award in its previous 5 editions saw much more than 49 projects with participation of 29 entities.

“All these projects have contributed to streamlining life and accelerating processes in a number of government and private entities resulting in greater benefit for the community. This by itself is a remarkable accomplishment government and private entities should be proud of.”

Speaking about the jury of the award, he stated, “There are 12 members in the jury which includes three Omanis. Most members of the jury are not Omanis to ensure transparency.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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