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ISWK celebrates 7th Science Festival 2018

ISWK celebrates 7th Science Festival 2018

Alkesh Joshi, honourary president of the School Management Committee, principal D N Rao, vice principal Jayaprakash Pillai, HODs, teachers and students have been present to witness the grand occasion.

The celebration began with a prayer song followed by a welcome speech by the students. On the eve of the National Science Day which is celebrated in India on February 28 every year to mark the discovery of Raman impact by the Indian Physicist Sir Chandrashekhara Venkata Raman, the Department of Science, ISWK, organised different competitions and events: Science Role Play, Science Spelling Bee, Science Poster Making, Science TED Talk and Science Inter-home Model producing competitors. Sonia Aswani from Indian School Muscat, Wathasara Perera from Sri Lankan School Muscat, Ambika Padmanabhan and Deepthy Biju, Indian School Wadi Kabir and Deepa Edavalath, Indian School Wadi Kabir International, have been the evaluators of the competitions.

The students performed an action song on the theme ‘Naa Kaato Mujhe’ a fantastic concern for Mother Earth, overwhelmed the audience this was a fantastic work place in by the students and Shruti Mukundan, science teacher of ISWK, and was very appreciated.

The primary attractions have been ‘Awareness Talk on Robotics and Drone Operations’ by Rahul, Navin, Nikunj and Pranav of class 11, ISWK Live Radio FM station by Monica Subash of class 7, the release of Botanical Nomenclature to the plants of the college garden by the ISWK Eco club, which have been tremendously cherished by the audience.

The president, principal, vice principal and head of the Department of Science Jenifer Robinson, launched the second edition of COSMOS – the Science E-magazine, comprising science news, crosswords, articles, activities, puzzles, well being and atmosphere ideas, profession guidance, and so on which will be obtainable at

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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