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ISG students attend Round Square Leadership camp in Dehradun, India

ISG students attend Round Square Leadership camp in Dehradun, India

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Five students of Indian School Ghubra (ISG) – Aban Bin Samuel, Linges Naraian, Nakul Mahesh, Nyonika Crisha and Uday Pisharody, accompanied by their teacher, Neena Seth attended the Round Square Leadership instruction programme organised by Doon School in Dehradun.

The camp commenced with a tour of the sprawling campus followed by an ice-breaking and orientation session organised by Anez Katre. During these sessions, the students got to know their peers from 15 other schools of India. Next day, the students left for Maldevta farms positioned on the foothills of Himalayas. The students have been mesmerized by the all-natural beauty of the spot which was surrounded by a dense forest and a river flowing by means of it. They have been engaged in different activities to aid increase self-self-confidence and overcome worry. A evening Safari was an enjoyable expertise.

The 3-day camp was packed with outside and indoor activities such as slithering, rippling and so on, which helped them overcome their fears and develop self-confidence. Events such as the treasure hunt and pay a visit to to the Sulphur caves have been enjoyable and memorable experiences. Students have been divided into 3 teams they produced their personal distinct identities by means of a slogan, flag and team name. The participants of the camp learnt vital lessons such as the significance of communication, selection creating, adaptability, awareness of environmemtal problems and willingness to accept duty.

The students are grateful to their parents and college management for the chance to hone their leadership expertise.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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