Tuesday, 30 May 2023
ISD opens SEN Resource Room and Talent Fest, holds felicitation event

ISD opens SEN Resource Room and Talent Fest, holds felicitation occasion

Dr Baby Sam Samuel, director, BoD and director-in-charge, CSE, BoD Indian Schools in Oman, was the Chief Guest on the occasion. The programme began with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp followed by prayer and welcome address by Harikeshav Pramodu, deputy Head Boy.

The Chief Guest in his address lauded ISD’s initiative in creating a distinction by assisting the SEN kids realise their dreams and aspirations.

Commenting on the present education method, Dr Samuel observed, “the aim of education has just been limited to make children career oriented rather than make them self-actualised, but the pioneering role of ISD by becoming the voice of the voiceless and the underprivileged is praiseworthy.”

He inaugurated the SEN Resource Rooms and the Talent Fest. He mentioned the SEN resource rooms in each main and senior sections are of international requirements.

Special Education Needs (SEN) Resource Rooms of ISD have been developed to cater to the wants of kids who have varied understanding disabilities. Through remedial classes, kids are taught to boost their cognitive ability.

ABA methodologies are adopted to bring optimistic adjustments in the behaviour of these kids. Physiotherapies are provided to SEN kids to boost their coordination, concentrate and focus.
During the periods of vocational club, they are taught the art of creating chocolates and candles and block printing.
There was a show-cum-sale of products produced by SEN kids along with a wealthy array of cuisines in connection with the day’s programme.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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