Thursday, 6 May 2021
Spine diseases and problems are on a rise. There is no permanent solution for these problems. Although a new breed of spine specialists is now present, very few treatment options are available. The patient's quality of life deteriorates.

International conference on robotic spine surgery held

The newest remedy by Robotic Surgery has brought some hope for such individuals. It tremendously improves high quality of life. Not only basic public but even a couple of physicians are not conscious of this remedy choice. Unfortunately, this remedy is obtainable only at really couple of centres across the globe.

Muscat Family Physicians lately arranged a symposium with the objective of spreading awareness on Robotic Spine Surgery and letting health-related practitioners know about the remedy alternatives.

Dr Ram Chaddha, sr consultant, Spine Surgery, Apollo Hospital, Navi Mumbai, India, was the invited speaker. Dr Chaddha has been in active Spine Surgery practice for nearly 3 decades. He has pioneered Endoscopic Spine surgery in India and introduced Minimum invasive Cosmetic Spine Surgery (MICOSS). He leads the only team performing robotic spine surgery in Western India and is the proponent of protected spine surgery.

In his presentation, Dr Chaddha talked at length about the clinical aspect of distinct spine difficulties. He also displayed each preoperative and postoperative videos displaying tremendous improvement in the individuals who underwent this surgery. He also enumerated the distinction in between the robotic and manually carried out spine surgery, the precision, security and advantage of robotic spine surgery. He emphasised that not all with spine difficulties require surgery and utmost care must be taken whilst the picking the patient for this surgery. He also talked about the option obtainable such as stem cell remedy but emphasised that such alternatives nonetheless require a lot more study and proof.

The seminar was held at City Seasons Hotel Muscat and was attended by about 60 physicians practicing in Muscat. This incorporated senior spine surgeons, neurosurgeons, neurologists, gen surgeons, internists and several loved ones physicians of the group. A couple of senior employees nurses had been also invited.

Sharing his expertise and experience Dr Chaddha answered queries raised by the physicians in the interactive session.

Dr Sanjay Dalal, coordinator, Muscat Family Physicians, mentioned, “Muscat Family Physicians promises to carry on with more such international conferences. We are proud that our CME programme is the longest running programme organised by any private health establishment. It is education for all medical practitioners who wants to join. It’s free. I take this opportunity to thank the Department of Private Health Establishments Affairs, Ministry of Health and Oman Medical Specialty Board for their unstinting support.”

Yunus, director, Global Treatment Services, who helped in arranging this seminar, mentioned, “Any patient who needs opinion and this treatment in India can approach us. We have an office in Mawaleh, Muscat. Please send patient files to Dr Dalal and we will take care of the rest. We give unparalleled comprehensive services to patients.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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