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International campaign promotes khareef season in Dhofar

International campaign promotes khareef season in Dhofar

This is element of the ministry’s efforts to market tourist season in the governorate and attract a lot more vacationers to take pleasure in khareef season which goes on from June 21 till September 21. 

The campaign is anticipated to strengthen the tourism sector. The promotion continues all through the year in all forums, via ads and media. It is also meant for all tourist destinations in the nation. The ministry desires the influx of vacationers to continue all through the governorates of the sultanate with diverse climate.

Salem bin Udai al Ma’amari, director basic of promotions at MoT, stated that the ministry has been advertising the khareef season in Dhofar in specific, and the sultanate in basic, all through the year via its foreign offices, particularly in the GCC nations. It is also participating in international tourism conferences, exhibitions and marketing and advertising events.


He stated that these campaigns and participation contributed to the development of the quantity of vacationers along with the improvement of the sector.


The ministry also launched promotional campaigns in the cinema halls of the UAE, Qatar and Kuwait as a single of the most successful marketing and advertising alternatives. 

It also launched a marketing and advertising drive on the social media platforms. He stated that the ministry was operating on an advertisement arrangement with a transport organization to market Dhofar and other tourist websites via some of its buses. This advertisement campaign will commence in coming weeks.

He stated that the ministry was preparing to launch promotional campaigns via tv channels and radios in neighbouring nations, starting from July to broadcast promotional content material about khareef season in Dhofar. 

He stated that the tourism workplace of the ministry in Dubai will launch marketing and advertising campaigns for the khareef season in the UAE.


Ma’amari stated the khareef season is a single of the leading priorities in the ministry’s promotional schemes in the GCC nations. It is meant to attract a bigger share of Gulf vacationers in the summer time season due to numerous factors.


He stated that the promotional campaigns, which had been carried out primarily in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain had been varied. For this goal, direct marketing and advertising approach via tour operators had been utilized. 


The ministry held a number of rounds of direct and indirect meetings with tourism organizations in the GCC nations.


He pointed out that the tourism workplace in the UAE lately launched a two-month marketing and advertising campaign with, the initial travel web site of the UAE. 


He added that a joint marketing and advertising campaign was underway for 3 months to attract vacationers to the sultanate. 


It is becoming completed in cooperation with Holiday Factory, a huge German tourism organization with 500,000 followers on social media.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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