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India’s ISRO to collaborate with Oman for space programme

India’s ISRO to collaborate with Oman for space programme

The Indian Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi was apprised of an MoU signed among India represented by ISRO and Oman represented by the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) on cooperation in the peaceful use of outer space, in February, 2018 at Muscat, stated a press short from the Indian government.

The MoU will allow cooperation in places such as space science, technologies and applications such as remote sensing of the earth, satellite-primarily based navigation, space science and planetary exploration, use of spacecraft and space systems and ground program, and application of space technologies.

The MoU will lead to the setting up of a Joint Working Group, drawing members from (Department of Space) DoS/ISRO, and MoTC, which will additional perform out a program of action such as the time-frame and the indicates of implementing the MoU. “It will provide impetus to explore newer research activities and application possibilities in the field of remote sensing of the earth, satellite navigation, space science and exploration of outer space,” stated the release.

Oman had earlier expressed interest to cooperate with ISRO for developing its space programme. A 4-member delegation from Oman visited ISRO in March 2011 and interacted with its officials and also visited the organisation’s technical facilities. Oman conveyed its interest in cooperation on a space programme with ISRO to the Ambassador of India to Oman in May 2016.

Accordingly, each sides arrived at a mutually agreed version of the MoU for the peaceful use of outer space and the identical was signed among India and Oman earlier this year.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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