Sunday, 2 Apr 2023
Indian scientist Nambi Narayanan opens Bookfest 2018 at ISC Oman

Indian scientist Nambi Narayanan opens Bookfest 2018 at ISC Oman

The occasion was held below the aegis of Indian Embassy and in partnership with Al Bhaj bookstore. H E Indra Mani Pandey, the India’s Ambassador to Oman was also present at the exhibition. Around 50,000 books of diverse subjects have been displayed at the exhibition.

Apart from English titles, exhibition also has books in Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Gujarati and Telugu. The occasion is named Bookfest 2018 and will continue till 14 from 10am to 10pm. H E Pandey mentioned, “The aim of the event is to encourage more people including children to start reading books. “Books are man’s best friends and such events will slowly motivate more people to read. The aim is to get adults and children in Oman to love books.”

The occasion also witnessed the launch of Nambi Narayanan’s book, Ready To Fire: How India and I Survived the ISRO Spy Case. Nambi Narayanan spoke about the require for a modify in the education program.

“The education system in India needs to change to have better students with a rational and scientific bent of mind. We have lots of scientists and researchers in India but they are not celebrities and they take lot of time to be popular.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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