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Indian Schools launch Counselling & Special Education Manual

Indian Schools launch Counselling &amp Special Education Manual

The chairman of the Board, Dr Baby Sam Saamuel presented the very first copy of the Manual to P Prabhakaran, principal, Indian School Ma’abela. The inauguration took location at a particular launch occasion attended by the Board Members, Presidents of School Management Committees and principals of numerous schools.

The manual is founded on the notion of holistic education which underscores the necessity of all-round improvement of a youngster – academic, physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological.

Academic competence comes not just from the grasp of subjects but from the application of information in social, societal settings.

This is in line with the continued pursuit and vision of the Board of Directors of bringing about transformative studying exactly where each and every youngster is equipped with the information, abilities and effectively-becoming to locate their identity and goal in life. The manual follows the Indian and international laws pertaining to the counselling and particular education function. It outlines the very best practices connected to all the elements of the functioning of a counsellor and particular educator. The document touches upon the operational procedures the require for continual coaching the connection of counselors and particular educators with their student/counselee and other stakeholders and so forth.

It also sheds light on the administerial elements such as job description, recruitment criteria, day to day functions, infrastructural requirement, reporting and referral procedures.

The manual also functions all the standardized types to be utilized in the counselling and particular education function such as documentation, referral types, in-take interview types, feedback types, identification checklists and a list of service referral sources. A provision for periodic revision is also featured in it. Dr Saamuel added, “This Counselling &amp Special Education Manual is moulded from our firm faith in the require for a robust, streamlined assistance program for our students consisting of clinical psychologists, student counsellors and particular educators.

“We hope that these guidelines would act as a framework to explore and establish the very many ways in which our schools and our resources can support the emotional health of our children.”

In today’s instances, when youngsters face distinctive and diverse challenges, each personally and developmentally, which frequently impact their academics and future life, there is a dire require of counsellors who can bring about a optimistic transformation that will enrich the society.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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