Thursday, 30 Mar 2023
Indian school board announces new salary structure for teachers

Indian college board announces new salary structure for teachers

According to a press release, females constitute much more than 80 per cent of the workforce in Indian schools. According to the new spend structure, they will be paid the exact same salary as that of guys closing the spend gap. The revised salary introduced by the board will also attract very best sources in the profession.

“Teachers should be duly recognised for building our future. It is in their hands every child is being prepared for life. They donate hours of their time outside classroom for lesson preparation, grading and giving feedback on assignments and meeting students and parents. However, pay for teachers falls behind that of other professionals,” stated the board.

The Indian college board implemented a extensive Human Resource Manual for all Indian schools in Oman in June 2017. This was carried out with a view to standardising procedures, in continuation of that physical exercise. The Finance Committee of the board undertook the activity of designing a structure for salary grades which will be applicable to all Indian schools in the sultanate. The board has provided a 4-year period, beginning from April to person schools to migrate totally to the new structure.

“It’s a welcome initiative and thanks to the board for recognising the merit of this noble profession,” stated a senior teacher. “We’re so happy that gender discrimination is removed from the salary structure,” stated a lady teacher who has been functioning in the program for a number of years. Uniformity of remuneration emphasises the board’s commitment to equality, standardisation and fairness to teachers employed in all Indian schools irrespective of areas.

The revised spend package structured in various grades guarantees progressive development. Based on applicable revision in responsibilities or function overall performance the employees will be promoted to the subsequent grade. Inflation element is also constructed into the annual increments. In conformity with the national labour law needs, the allowances address necessary payments like housing, transport, utilities and phone, in addition to healthcare insurance coverage and annual air fare to house town.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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