Wednesday, 31 May 2023
Indian dance troupe enthrals audience

Indian dance troupe enthrals audience

Some of the props employed by the group consist of fire, bamboo sticks and dandiya sticks. Each efficiency enthuses the audience with power that is beyond words.

According to Sonali Bhatt, the coordinator of the group, these performers have entertained audiences far and wide. “Sahiyara is a very popular group from the western state of Gujarat and has been performing for over two decades now. They have been recognised for their performances by even Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The team has performed in Dubai Global Village, Europe and the US as well.”

However, it is the very first time the troupe got the chance to showcase their talent in Oman. “We are very happy that we could come and perform in Oman. The experience has been incredible so far,” she added.

Aditya Raval, 1 of the artistes mentioned, “We have attended several festivals around the world and performing in Oman is indeed beautiful. We are presenting a fusion of folk dances of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Until now the response has been very good both from Omanis and Indian expatriates.”

Raval also appreciated the way the festival has been organised and hopes their troupe can win a lot more hearts.

The troupe performs 3 occasions a day at the Naseem Gardens at the stage set up close to Gate No four. The timings are five.10pm to five.30pm, eight.10pm to eight.30pm and 9.55pm to 10.15pm.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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