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‘India favourite among Omanis for quality healthcare, Kerala leads the way’

‘India favourite among Omanis for quality healthcare, Kerala leads the way’

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India has turn out to be a hub of health-related tourism worldwide particularly for Omanis. From price-successful alternatives, to planet-class facilities and a hospital atmosphere, India provides international individuals the very best in health-related field, says a best professional. Some of the cities that are on the reputation list of health-related tourism consist of Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad and Pune.

Kerala, nonetheless is top the way in health-related tourism with hospitals like the Kerala Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS), stated E M Najeeb, group executive director, KIMS Healthcare. Najeeb who was in Oman not too long ago told Muscat Daily that the sultanate is the quantity 1 marketplace for Kerala’s health-related tourism amongst GCC nations.

“Indian medical tourism industry is growing very fast. In fact in 2020, we expect to have US$9bn turnover from medical tourism in India. All this owing to the world-class accredited hospitals,” he stated. Kerala alone has 26 accredited hospitals. “Most hospitals in Kerala have an international relations department which gives specialised services to foreign patients,” Najeeb stated. KIMS hospitals alone have 1,800 beds.

“With about six hospitals, we are the largest healthcare group in Kerala and doing extremely well in the medical tourism segment. We get patients from all over the world including Oman for various kinds of treatments. We have been successful in delivering quality healthcare to our patients.” India is well-known amongst Omanis for a assortment of factors such as affordability, presence of an Asian social milieu, state-of-the-art facilities, straightforward air transport connectivity and geographical proximity. “Omanis prefer Kerala hospitals because they are treated well and feel at home. The cost of treatment is also reasonable. Moreover, Muscat is just three hours away from Kerala.”

The no-waiting period for individuals is an benefit for Kerala. “If at all there is waiting time, it is just a day or two for various check-ups that are to be conducted before any procedure.” Technology and innovation have taken health-related remedy to the subsequent level. “Technology is the only way to move forward and a lot of development is taking place in the field medicine and our hospitals get the latest.”

He stated that the Indian government has entirely changed the visa regime to make items straightforward for international individuals. “They have introduced e-visa, m-visa and patient attendant visa. Usually, it takes two to three days to get a visa.”

To additional ease the visa procedure, he stated, “The healthcare industry wants the government to grant gratis visa for patients. We need the Government of India to consider the emergency needs of patients. We are in the process of proposing it to the government.” Najeeb also added that the Omani government and the Ministry of Health have been very supportive and as a brand KIMS has grown in Oman by way of KIMS Oman Hospital, KIMS Medical Complex – Duqm and KIMS Airport Clinics.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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