Monday, 6 Feb 2023
Ibri residents reel under water shortage as aflaj, wells dry up

Ibri residents reel below water shortage as aflaj, wells dry up

Residents stated the short-term measures employed so far have not supplied solace particularly with the temperatures soaring.

Some of the impacted locations consist of, Amla, Seeh al Maashi, Wadi al Ayn, Kubara, Abla, Al Ayn, Barut, Wadi Jeel, Dham, Al Heel and Al Rakza.

One of the residents in the impacted locations stated that villagers have to rely on water tankers each day to meet the every day wants.

Said Hareb al Hinai stated, “We have to depend on water tankers for which we pay RO5. All the construction works in the area too have been stalled. Besides, farmers have also stopped cultivation.”

Another resident, Mohammed al Hinai stated it has been much more than 3 weeks because the difficulty began in the location. “I hope the authorities create more underground recharge dams. This is one way to solve this problem.”

The Public Authority for Electricity and Water (PAEW) dug a nicely final year in 1 of the locations to tackle the shortage but the residents say the move hasn’t been of a lot aid.

Salem Sabih al Hinai stated, “PAEW dug a well last year, provided weekly water trucks for each house but these steps are not enough. I hope they increase the working hours at the main water pumping station and pump more water.”

A member of the Shura Council, Sultan al Abri stated short-term options have been offered to provide relief.

“We have communicated with the relevant bodies such as PAEW to offer relief to these villages by drilling wells and increasing water reserves in the main water tank. But these are just temporary solutions. PAEW has already signed an agreement to deliver water from Sohar to Ibri and the project will soon be completed. This project will offer a concrete solution.”

Abri added that he also plans to communicate with the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources to establish dams in cooperation with individuals of the area and private businesses.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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