Monday, 30 Jan 2023
Hyundai Motor is global automotive partner of Club Atlético de Madrid in new agreement

Hyundai Motor is international automotive companion of Club Atlético de Madrid in new agreement

It is the very first time that Hyundai has established such a partnership in the Spanish football marketplace and it is the second new agreement establishing a sleeve presence for Hyundai, following the not too long ago announced partnership with Chelsea FC of the English Premier League.

With this partnership, Hyundai will not only be visible on the jersey but also by means of a fleet of Hyundai vehicles supplied to the club, a residence matchday presence which includes LED perimeter branding, and numerous media and digital content material rights. Over the course of the partnership, Hyundai will perform closely with Atlético to develop a variety of thrilling initiatives and beneficial advantages for the club’s fans, aiming to bring ease to mobility and make football a lot more accessible to fans. With this most recent announcement, Hyundai additional extends its extended-standing presence in football at the highest level, possessing been constantly engaged in national and international competitions for the final 20 years.

Andreas-Christoph Hofmann, vice president, Marketing &amp Product at Hyundai Motor Europe, mentioned, “We are incredibly excited to begin a new partnership with Atlético de Madrid, a hugely successful club with a passionate fanbase that matches the global scale and challenging spirit of Hyundai. It will be a privilege to work with the club to develop activities that place their fans at the heart of our engagement, just as we place our customers at the centre of all our programmes. Along with our existing partnership with Olympique Lyonnais and our recently announced partnership with Chelsea, this is a fantastic next step in our new pan-European partnership approach that will include other top clubs in Europe.”

Enrique Cerezo, chairman of Atlético de Madrid, mentioned, “At Atlético de Madrid we are delighted and proud of the alliance that we are signing with Hyundai. We join Hyundai, a company that stands out for its desire to excel and its pursuit of excellence to remain at the forefront of technology and innovation. We are confident that the two companies will share and enjoy the good times, which we will experience in the coming years.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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