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Hyundai backs local NCAP Crash Testing to improve road safety

Hyundai backs neighborhood NCAP Crash Testing to boost road security

Hyundai’s head of Operations for Africa and the Middle East, Mike Song, stated that shoppers increasingly think about NCAP ratings when selecting a new automobile. However, he warns that purchasers can be misled if they reside outdoors the marketplace exactly where testing requires spot.

Song stated, “NCAP stars are like horsepower or fuel economy; they are a scientific measurement that people can use to compare models. That has transformed crash protection into a deciding factor for many buyers. The problem is that NCAP tests are market-specific, so that EuroNCAP tests, for example, only relate to EU-specification cars. The same model, as sold in a different market, may not get the same result.”

While the fundamental structure of a automobile will generally stay constant worldwide, numerous security functions are add-ons. This can contain airbags, 3-point seatbelts rather than much less secure lap-belts for rear seats, ISOFIX youngster seat fittings, or active security functions such as electronic stability manage (ESC) that aid drivers maintain manage of the automobile and steer clear of accidents.

The most recent functions supplied contain autonomous emergency braking AEB, lane departure warning systems or adaptive cruise manage. NCAP schemes are regularly updated to incorporate new technologies, usually far beyond minimum legal needs.

Song added, “Buyers may not want some of these features, but they should have the power to make an informed decision. Locally relevant NCAP testing can give them that power.”

The very first NCAP was launched in the US in 1979, backed by the federal government and utilizing a series of standardized tests to encourage producers to develop safer automobiles, and shoppers to acquire them.

Today, a series of NCAPs worldwide relate to national markets, such as Japan, China and Korea, or to regional markets, such as Europe – the extensively referenced EuroNCAP – Australia and New Zealand, Latin America and Southeast Asia, with other people in improvement. A Global NCAP gives extra testing of models sold in markets with out their personal programme. There is no programme particular to any component of Africa or the Middle East.

Song stated, “Many buyers and many markets are extremely price sensitive, and safety features are an area where it is too easy to trim the cost of an entry-level model. Ideally, governments will set a high minimum standard to stop this. Where that is not possible, NCAP testing can make sure consumers understand the risks, and can encourage better choices.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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