Monday, 6 Feb 2023
‘Hygiene, refrigeration important to prevent food-borne illnesses’

‘Hygiene, refrigeration important to prevent food-borne illnesses’

According to Dr Basheer A P, head of internal medicine at Badr al Samaa Hospital Ruwi, meals left in the open for a lot more than two hours could not be protected to consume. “Bacteria and viruses grow very fast in hot weather, therefore, the chances of getting an infection are higher,” he stated.

Dr Basheer also advises restaurant owners to be cautious in the course of summers as meals-borne illness circumstances are largely reported in the course of this time. “Reheating food left out of refrigeration for a while is not advisable because once the food is left out for sometime, the heat causes the bacteria to grow faster.”

Dr Basheer also known as on restaurants to conduct typical stool bacteria tests for meals handlers.

“A worker may have the bacteria but he may not know. When he handles the food this bacteria may get transferred to customers and cause infection.”

According to Dr Lalitha Balaji, common practitioner, Hatat Polyclinic symptoms of meals-borne illnesses generally seem inside a number of hours of consuming it, but it could take longer also. “The severity of the illness depends on the type of bacteria and the general health of the person eating it. Always keep food cold and mind basic hygiene. Stay hydrated as lack of water during summer can cause serious health issues,” she added.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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