Thursday, 23 Mar 2023
Humanoid Sophia's visit postponed to May 7; tech enthusiasts disappointed

Humanoid Sophia’s pay a visit to postponed to May 7 tech enthusiasts disappointed

Dr Sidhic A Muhammed, managing director, Abrim International Consultants, the organisers of Oman Global Tech &amp Investment Summit mentioned, “We are keen to bring Sophia to Oman and introduce the next generation of human robots to the country. It will be a fun and an enticing experience.”

He confirmed that Sophia will be in Oman on May 7 and eight rather of April 29.

He mentioned, “Sophia needs some time to store data about Oman’s history, geography, culture, business and other aspects related to Oman and other surrounding countries. Around 200 engineers will work on her for the activation of the programme.”

Ahmed al Balushi, an amateur filmmaker and an avid gamer mentioned, “I love robots and how they work, it is an amalgamation of science, technology and art. I have grown up seeing sci-fi movies and my favourites are I, Robot, A.I., Terminator, Iron Man and even Star Wars. Meeting Sophia was my dream, and it would be an experience beyond films and games. I am highly disappointed that her visit has been postponed because I will be travelling during the time and so will not be able to see her when she is in Oman.”

Sophia will also meet students at the Sultan Qaboos University in the course of her keep. She will be in Oman as component of the IT summit that will go over applications of blockchain technologies, artificial intelligence, digital marketing and advertising technologies, tools and innovations and inventions to cope with the altering globe, the organisers stated.

The summit is becoming organised in collaboration with Omani firm National Technology and Services, which is founded by Dr Sharif al Bakry, Dr Waleed al Sulaimani and Said bin Hilal al Ismaily.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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