Tuesday, 31 Jan 2023
Heritage hotel returns life into crumbling old houses of Nizwa

Heritage hotel returns life into crumbling old homes of Nizwa

The dilapidated crumbling old homes, that have observed hundreds of years of history zip by, are now restored and turned into a heritage hotel by Bawareq Nizwa International for Investment business.

The Nizwa Heritage Inn situated in Al Aqr region is just 100m from the historical website of Nizwa Souq and the fort. The hotel is a cluster of six old homes, 4 of which are for accommodation whilst the other two home a reception/workplace and a restaurant. Omar al Sawafi, director, Nizwa Heritage Inn, told Muscat Daily that the restoration was a painstaking method and took more than two years.

“The entire setup is developed to supply an genuine Omani encounter when traditions and culture formed the mainstay of Omani society. “The guests will really feel they are living in the previous, albeit with a handful of contemporary facilities like air conditioners and Wi-Fi.

”Talking of the method to obtain the homes, Sawafi mentioned that the business purchased 4 homes from the owners, whilst for two a particular agreement has been created to use the homes.“Initially, few of the owners were hesitant to give up their houses as they had an emotional connect which tied them to their ancestral properties.But later on, they were convinced of the restoration work.”Sawafi added that the place of the hotel adds to the old-globe charm as Al Aqr village has a history which goes back just before the advent of Islam.

“The village has houses which are hundreds of years old and also have two old mosques, one of which is the second oldest mosque in Oman.”The 20-area hotel began operations just before Ramadan, and according to Sawafi has been received exceptionally effectively by the guests.

“We didn’t do any elaborate marketing and advertising for the hotel, just spread the word by means of social media platforms and registered on www.booking.com

”The hotel gives a assortment of rooms and suites, with prices (summer season prices) ranging from RO24 to RO47. 

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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