Tuesday, 18 May 2021
Haya Water participated in the Oman Energy and Water Conference and Exhibition that was held during the period from April 30-May 2 at the Oman Exhibition and Convention Centre.

Haya Water element of Oman Energy and Water Conference and Exhibition

The exhibition was inaugurated beneath H H Sayyid Taymor bin Asaad al Said, in the presence of ministers, undersecretaries, CEOs and people who are interested in the water and energy and power fields.

Eng Hussain bin Hassan AbdulHussain, Haya Water CEO, stated that the business was keen to participate in this annual occasion due to its significance as huge quantity of professionals and international businesses who function in this field attend this conference and present numerous functioning papers.

In this regard, AbdulHussain added that Haya Water presented six study and functioning papers highlighting the company’s current projects, the future plans and its methods to utilise treated wastewater. Furthermore, 25 Haya Water staff participated in this conference.

This participation comes because the business is deemed as 1 of the top businesses in the field of conversation and sustainability of the national economy, and the field of wastewater service as the concerned authority that gives waste water solutions in all governorates except Dhofar.

Eng AbdulHussain added that the business is thinking about energy generation from sludge.The business signed an agreement lately to create a solar energy in the Quiryat Sewage Station rather than consuming electrical energy energy.

On the other hand, Sulaiman bin Khamis al Qasmi, assets management basic manager, presented a functioning paper highlighting the company’s future plans for optimal utilisation of treated wastewater in numerous fields, such as landscaping, parks irrigation, business and automobile washing. Treated water is also employed in the field of cooling for energy plants and as a outcome, it will decrease the consumption of gas and fresh groundwater.

He mentioned that the prices of treated water are significantly less costly than desalinated water. The treated water when bought from the therapy station will price about 110bz and 220bz from places which have therapy water networks.

Through his presentation, assets management basic manager mentioned, “We expect that the quantities of the treatment water will increase to 900,000 cu m in the year of 2040.”

Haya Water’s corner in the exhibition witnessed a lot of guests and representatives of nearby and international businesses functioning in the building and wastewater sectors. Many citizens and residents visited the exhibition looking for details about the solutions offered by Haya Water.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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