Thursday, 30 Mar 2023
Haya Water organises visit to Al Ansab Wetlands

Haya Water organises pay a visit to to Al Ansab Wetlands

This can be mostly attributed to its function in attracting huge numbers of neighborhood and migrating birds (almost 300 species). As a outcome, throughout the final years, several researchers and bird lovers from distinct nations of the globe are attracted to this spot.

The pay a visit to aimed to clarify to the government officials about the wetlands and their complementary function in the remedy of wastewater, which fundamentally aims to safeguard groundwater from pollution and conserve it by means of the production of treated wastewater. The treated wastewater is regarded as an environmentally-friendly option that can be utilised in afforestation, agriculture and other industrial and industrial purposes.

During the pay a visit to, several neighborhood and migratory birds had been noticed and guests had been offered a detailed explanation about the birds’ life cycle, their usual annual seasons and techniques of living.

The guests also had the chance to observe the Omani trees garden, which includes several varieties of trees from all governorates of the sultanate.

Haya Water is now operating to enroll Al Ansab Wetlands in the Ramsar Convention for Wetlands, an international convention for the conservation and sustainable use of wetlands in order to quit the gradual loss of wetlands in the present and the future, and also to preserve the simple ecological elements of wetlands and create their financial, cultural and scientific function. This will be a substantial addition to the tourism program in the sultanate and to be added to the map of wetlands for interested folks and researchers from all about the globe.

The occasion also incorporated a visual presentation about the business and its function because the establishment in 2002. The presentation talked about the most substantial phases of improvement the business has witnessed beginning from the agreements that had been signed with different governmental authorities to the massive activity that has been entrusted to it by the government to handle, program, operate and create all the wastewater assets and facilities in all regional governorates of the sultanate except Dhofar. This is, no doubt, an indication of the company’s cumulative expertise in this field that has been gained all through the years.

Haya Water is genuinely proud of the quantity of its beneficiaries which has reached 750,000 in Muscat and 250,000 in other governorates except Dhofar. This is, but, an extra element that can be added to the mission of attaining the strategic objectives to safeguard fresh groundwater reserves and decrease the use of pricey desalination water for afforestation and other industrial purposes.
The business, with regards to utilising treated wastewater, has effectively managed to industry and sell 127mn m3 from 2012 to finish of 2017 and, therefore, saving the nation almost RO203mn which would have been spent in seawater desalination.

Moreover, the business has contributed to the reduction of 250,000 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide emissions which generally outcome from the desalination processes.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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