Saturday, 1 Apr 2023
Haya Water organises Environmental and Scientific Conference

Haya Water organises Environmental and Scientific Conference

The conference participants presented 3 operating papers on the scientific and sound techniques of dealing with waste and strong and liquid waste resulting from sewage or household waste.

Eng Hussain bin Hassan AbdulHussain, Haya Water CEO, stated, “Due to industrial improvement and the speedy population development, challenges facing the earth and the atmosphere are enormous and therefore, this conference reflects our sustainable corporate message which is creating Oman greener and healthier.

At Haya Water, we have an integral function to play and to shield the planet by means of creating, operating and preserving an sophisticated wastewater program across Oman except Governorate of Dhofar, which contributes in creating the atmosphere of our beloved Oman cleaner and healthier, and also reduces the reliance on fresh groundwater sources for irrigation, landscaping, productive agriculture and other industrial and industrial purposes in order to attain the water safety method.”

Eng AbdulHussain confirmed that Haya Water presently is studying to utilise the sludge from sewage remedy plants to generate electrical energy. He added, “We have already developed visions and plans with concern partners.”

He stated that we will be listening attentively to 3 distinct presentations from distinct partners and stakeholders. We think that collaboration with all stakeholders is extremely wholesome and extremely crucial to have a far better future since it enables us to share issues, share information and place sensible options for numerous problems.

Fahad al Kharusi, head of Business Development at Be’ah Company, stated, “We are working together with Haya Water to protect our beautiful environment. We have highlighted many common issues, including the transfer of waste water (sludge) to energy, as well as solutions, exchange of experiences and knowledge in the fields of related to the environment and gave recommendations from both establishments.”

Dareen Mehdi, board member of the Environment Society of Oman, presented a operating paper entitled ‘Earth Day, each day’. She highlighted the dangers of making use of plastics. For instance, beverages stored in plastics or heated have significant well being implications.

Sulieman al Qasmi, assets management GM, also presented a operating paper highlighted the significance of the waste water project in the sultanate to shield our atmosphere and to stop numerous ailments due to the lack of a drainage program in the nation and the contribution of the project in lowering the price of filtering the seawater.

Qasmi stated that Haya Water contributes considerably to the closure of numerous waste water dumps in the distinct governorates such as Jalaan Bani Bu Ali dump and Nizwa dump. Also, the business is co-ordinating with the concerned authorities to close down a lot more dumps.

Hanan bint Yousif al Balushi, corporate communication manager at Haya Water, stated, “Celebrating Earth Day is an opportunity for all to have a closer look at the serious challenges facing the environment and put practical ways and solutions to save the planet free from pollution.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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