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Haya Water conducts its annual meeting with staff

Haya Water conducts its annual meeting with employees

Eng Hussain bin Hassan AbdulHussain, CEO of Haya Water, stated, “This meeting is an approach adopted by the company for several years and it is considered a kind of communication between the members of Haya family. We are keen to establish different channels of communication with our employees from various work sites. This can be mainly observed after the expansion of the company’s scope of work, the most significant is the assignment of implementing wastewater projects in all governorates of the sultanate, except Dhofar.”

The CEO added that Haya Water Sablah is however a single of the most essential communication channels that has presented several recommendations and visions that have been a outcome of the earlier years’ meetings and discussions, which had a good influence via the introduction of initiatives and plans that advantage the employee, in the initial location, and function, in basic. 

This year’s Sablah coincides with the company’s 15-year anniversary with a slogan of ‘Transforming Challenges into Opportunities’. The organization has especially adopted this slogan so that staff invest all the challenges they face in the workplace or in their private life and transform these challenges into good possibilities that advantage their lives. 

The CEO displayed a visual presentation about the achievements of 2017 in accordance with the authorized objectives, the challenges that the organization faced throughout the year and its future plans.

He stated, ”Over the previous year, the organization has produced several achievements that are added to its in no way-ending track record of achievements. We must all be proud of what the organization has accomplished throughout its continuous journey, regardless of the troubles it faces in implementing a single of the most complex engineering projects due to geographical nature, economic expense, shortage of competent contractors in this field and poor coordination with primary utility providers. Moreover, the organization has earned several neighborhood and international awards and certificates as a outcome of these achievements.” 

The CEO emphasised that Haya Water, thanks to the determination and endeavour of all Haya members, has managed to connect the wastewater service to a lot more than 100,000 accounts, serving practically a single million folks all through the sultanate, except Dhofar. 

One of the things that is incorporated in the Sablah programme is the activity of directing queries by the employees to the Executive Management and sharing recommendations and initiatives to create the function. 

Trainer Mohammed bin Abdullah al Qassimi gave a lecture entitled ‘Self-Development and Positive Thinking’, in which he addressed several components that influence your character and good considering. The lecture also incorporated sensible workout routines.

Then, there was an open discussion in between the employees and Haya Water Executive Management, exactly where several employees members shared proposals and directed queries associated to the improvement of function and enhancing the operating atmosphere. The Executive Management willingly answered all the employee queries. 

The CEO thanked the staff for their tremendous efforts and their part in reaching the company’s vision and indicated that the organization is playing a important part and has large responsibilities to fulfill.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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