Wednesday, 31 May 2023
GUtech team finishes 17th in Shell Eco-marathon race

GUtech team finishes 17th in Shell Eco-marathon race

After the team passed inspection virtually seamlessly, it went on to finish 17th out of 30 in the internal combustion (ICE) category with a outcome of 118.7km/lt.

This was like a dream come accurate for the team this year which failed to pass the inspection final year and therefore was not in a position to compete.

“I’m happy to say that we ended with a combustion of 118.7km/lt. Great experience for the team; they are all excited! We had to struggle with a flat tyre of the rear wheel and low temperatures in our engine, but overall a good experience,” Dr Emmanouil Bouzakis, assistant professor, Department of Engineering at GUtech and the supervisor of Megalodon team, told Muscat Daily.

“We have the 17th position in prototype ICE and we are third among the diesel teams. So 17th out of 20 teams who went on the track and completed at least ten laps in less than 25 minutes. In prototypes ICE we had in total 30 teams (so 17th out of 30). So, this means ten teams either didn’t pass the technical inspection or couldn’t complete the ten laps on the track,” he added.

The team members everyday stayed in the arena operating on their vehicle to preserve it match till late evenings. Their difficult function permitted them to pass some inspection hurdles. The team received a certificate. The whirlwind 4 days undoubtedly have provided the students a wealthy encounter. Megalodon was the only participating team from Oman following SQU’s team pulled out.

Megalodon student team leader Neeraj Krishnan mentioned, “Everything went so well. Overall, we achieved all that we had aimed for, which were to pass inspection and get a few runs on track. Our final attempt recorded 118.7km/lt was okay for a beginner team like us.”

Megalodon entered the competitors with the vehicle chassis employed final year but with a various physique and a new design and style.

The material for the physique employed was various with the identical diesel engine. The weight was 75kg with out the driver.

The driver, a light-weight female student was a increase to the team.

“I am actually satisfied that we passed technical inspection as our university was unable to do so prior to.

“Initially, I was a little concerned about the handling of the car on the track but after the first run, I got a lot more confident. I was also happy that I was able to improve the car’s mileage by changing my driving style,” mentioned Iman al Maawali.

Megalodon’s other team members are Ashwaq al Harthi, Al Jaziya al Nazwani, Ahmed al Dhuhli and Ahmed al Amri.

Shell Eco-marathon Asia is the principal element of ‘Make the Future Singapore’, a free of charge festival of vibrant power tips and innovations for Asia that concluded at Singapore’s Changi Exhibition Centre on Sunday.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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