Thursday, 30 Mar 2023
GUtech team clears technical inspection, ready to hit Shell Eco-marathon track

GUtech team clears technical inspection, prepared to hit Shell Eco-marathon track

Megalodon is the only participating team from Oman following SQU’s team pulled out of the race. Megalodon was eagerly waiting to pass the inspection test and now it is match to hit the racing track. Last year, the team did not pass the inspection test. Results will be announced on Sunday evening.

Dr Emmanouil Bouzakis, assistant professor, Department of Engineering at GUtech and the supervisor of Megalodon team, told Muscat Daily that his team is ready effectively. “My team is effectively ready and passing the test is an achievement of its personal. Now the team is prepared to hit the race track.

The students are so satisfied,” he stated. Megalodon student team leader Neeraj Krishnan stated, “Everything went good. We were so worried but it’s great to pass the test. We had to work hard to fix the technical problems all day on Thursday. We are just happy. Now we are eager for the race.” In the initial stage, the GUtech team, which is competing in the prototype category, accomplished 86.three km/lt of diesel fuel in its initial try.

“We are optimistic that we will drop the consumption and improve the current placement with the aid of an adapted driving strategy,” Dr Bouzakis stated. Megalodon has entered the competitors with the vehicle chassis employed final year but with a various physique and a new design and style.

“The body material used is different with the same diesel engine. We used different materials to keep the body as light as possible. The weight is 75kg without the driver. The driver is a female student. We have full confidence in her. We chose her because she is light-weight. The competition is tough but we are hoping for the best,” Krishnan stated.

Megalodon’s team members are Iman al Maawali (driver), Ashwaq al Harthi, Al Jaziya al Nazwani, Ahmed al Dhuhli and Ahmed al Amri. “I am glad to be part of the team and I am prepared to be the driver. I am confident for our team. We are so happy to take part in the race,” Iman stated. Shell Eco-marathon Asia is the principal component of Make the Future Singapore, a free of charge festival of vibrant power tips and innovations for Asia below way at Singapore’s Changi Exhibition Centre. It concludes on Sunday.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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