Tuesday, 30 May 2023
Geological team discovers new cave in Al Hamra

Geological team discovers new cave in Al Hamra

Located about 15km west of Al Hoota Cave and about 2km west of the village of Hail al Shas, it is situated to the south of Jebel Shams.

A geological masterpiece, the Kittat al Suwairat Cave will allow researchers to study properties of various rock formations and groundwater.

Speaking to Muscat Daily
, Dr Mohammed al Kindi, a geologist and 1 of the team members stated, “The Kittat al Suwairat Cave has the potential to be a destination for tourist adventurers.”

The 11-member team produced its very first descent on November three final year to undertake a survey and completed it on January 25 this year. The team had to cease its perform in in between in the course of heavy rainfall in the region.

During the survey, the team created a series of cross sections, with various orientations, as effectively as a full map of the cave, till the pond. “The cave ends with a large pond about one kilometre from the mouth of the cave. Its ceiling is in continuous contact with the pond and there is no clear outlet through the roof. The team plans to dive into this pool using special equipment in the next few days.”

Elaborating additional Dr Kindi stated there are 3 principal places in the cave that need ropes to discover. “The first is located at the beginning of the cave and is about 80m deep. The second is located immediately after the first and is about 30m deep. The third is about 200m inside the cave, after the second drop, and it is 12m deep.”

The passage of the underground cave follows a path equivalent to the valleys and the shafts above, and its path descends from an altitude of roughly 1,300m above sea level to the south.

“At the bottom of the very first vertical hole there is a tiny cave space, followed by a series of vertical tunnels. Beyond the vertical shafts, a wide and lengthy cave tunnel extends to hundreds of metres and functions fantastic cave deposits, isolated cave rooms and shallow water lakes, which represents the principal element of the cave.

“Although the passage generally does not require the use of ropes and climbing equipment, walking through it requires attention because the floor and boulders here are generally wet in many places,” stated the geologist.

Adventurers must physical exercise caution as the location is slippery.

“The cave ends with a lake in direct contact to the ceiling of the cave. The trend of the cave suggests that it extends for hundreds of metres beyond the lake.”

The Speleological Team is affiliated to the Ministry of Tourism and the Geological Society of Oman, stated Dr Kindi.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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