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Fourth Mitsubishi Oman Handball School Championship moves to North Batinah

Fourth Mitsubishi Oman Handball School Championship moves to North Batinah

The Mitsubishi Oman Handball School Championship is becoming organised by Mitsubishi Oman, represented by General Automotive Company, in association with the Oman Handball Association (OHA). General Automotive Company, which is the official distributor for Mitsubishi automobiles in Oman, is a subsidiary of the Zubair Automotive Group, the flagship enterprise of the Zubair Corporation (Z-Corp).

Four schools from the North Batinah governorate participated in the championship. A group of referees accredited by the Omani Handball Federation supervised the matches.

Among the North Batinah governorate schools, although Ahmed bin Said School won the initial spot, the second spot was won by Sheikh Abdullah bin Basher School. The third spot was won by Abdullah bin Omer School and the fourth spot went to Sheikh Khalfan Bin Jameel al Siyabi School.

The matches in connection with the fourth edition of the Mitsubishi Oman Handball School Championship will be held in schools in South Batinah governorate, Dakhliyah governorate, Dhofar governorate and Buraimi governorate more than the subsequent couple of days with Muscat governorate and North Batinah governorate currently finishing the matches.

Under the framework of augmenting public and private sector partnership Z-Corp has been backing all the activities of Oman Handball Association because it signed an agreement in October 2015.

Ibrahim al Salmi, assistant common manager, Corporate Communications, The Zubair Corporation, stated, “We are delighted that the over the years handball championship has achieved its objective of creating an interest in handball among young people. It has encouraged a lot of school children to take up the game of handball. Z-Corp has played a key role in sponsoring and developing sports in the sultanate by supporting professional and amateur sports organisation, sports clubs and competitions. The group has a strong commitment to supporting sports team, clubs and organisations across the sultanate.”

He added, “We are pleased with response to the matches in the Muscat and North Batinah governorate. We are certain that we will receive an enthusiastic response in other governorates too.” So far, because the championship started, 420 players have participated in the Mitsubishi Oman Handball School Championship. Between January and April, championship matches had been organised beneath the Mitsubishi Oman Handball School Championship in Muscat, Sohar, Nizwa and Sur. During the period, 15 teams comprising several players, coaches, supervisors and referees participated in the championship held.

Dr Said bin Ahmed al Shehri, chairman of the Oman Handball Association, stated, “The number of students who participated in the second leg of the championship is about 52 players distributed among four teams. The championship has witnessed success due to the constant efforts and cooperation of Zubair Corporation, Mitsubishi, Oman Handball Association, Ministry of Education and local schools. We are extremely grateful that a group like The Zubair Corporation is supporting our association. Z-Corp commitment and support has given an enormous boost to development of handball in Oman.”

In January 2018, Z-Corp extended help to Oman Handball Association to organise a college tournament at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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