Tuesday, 6 Jun 2023
Four Omani students design facial recognition eyewear

Four Omani students design and style facial recognition eyewear

The ‘Biometric Innovation’ project comprises 4 Middle East College students – Naama al Siyabi, Najla al Siyabi, Faisal al Badaai and Ismail al Siyabi.

Speaking to Muscat Daily
, Naama al Siyabi, head of the team, stated, “Our project is called ‘Biometric Innovation’. It’s a smart solution to aid the ROP in criminal investigations. The eyewear has a hidden micro camera for clicking images of any suspect. The images are transmitted to a mobile phone via Bluetooth to begin the process of matching information stored in the database.”

Naama stated that nations across the globe are building wise options to strengthen safety systems. “In this sense, the face recognition method is a wise remedy created particularly to help police function, particularly at airports and elsewhere to determine suspects through their faces. In addition, this wise remedy will assist arrest criminals in a quick time.

“This solution will help the police in ensuring that those residing in the sultanate are registered or in cases where there is a notice against someone. In short, a policeman can wear the glasses, walk in markets or airports, and scan the suspect’s identity and collect details easily. The prototype has been submitted to the ROP and they are quite enthusiastic about it.”

She stated, “The challenge was in getting the algorithm right to solve the problem. We solved it by combining more than one algorithm to achieve accuracy.”

On future plans, Naama stated, “Now, we are going to apply for the patent after coordinating with The Research Council’s Upgrade Program. We are keen to work on the algorithm to achieve a better speed.”

On her guidance to Omani students, she stated, “If you have an idea, work on it. Convert it into a product so that it benefits the society and the country. I would like to thank my family, my project supervisor, the team members, the ROP, the Upgrade Program and all the sponsors.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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