Tuesday, 30 May 2023
Food corner wows visitors with traditional delights

Food corner wows guests with standard delights

Visitors of all nationalities can be noticed at the stalls. While some are just interested in satiating their taste buds, there are other individuals who are a lot more interested in seeing how these things are ready.

The stalls supplying each savouries and sweets with their abilities make sure that no visitor goes with out attempting at least 1 culinary item.

“I visit Amerat Park just to enjoy the traditional food. The aroma of the food just pulls us straight to the corner. My favourite is the luqaimat (deep fried flour balls dunked in a sweet syrup) and the khubz yaabis (Omani dry bread). My children enjoy the sambusas and Omani halwa which is a must-have for anyone visiting Oman,” stated Adnan Rasheed, 1 of the guests at the venue.

Most of the stalls at the corner are manned by Omani females dressed in standard garments. The speed with which they whip up each and every item is one thing that stuns guests.

“We invite women from different governorates of Oman to offer a variety of traditional Omani dishes to the visitors. They enjoy what they are doing,” stated a Muscat Municipality official.

Apart from the really well-known, Omani halwa, Omani bread as well is in large demand simply because of its nutritional worth and distinctive taste. “A lot of people here, especially expatriates are keen on trying the Omani bread. Even Omanis flock to these stalls to gorge on the food items we offer. We serve our guests here in a traditional way. The crowd is the maximum between 7pm and 10pm. We get orders till even the closing time,” stated Raya Ali, 1 of the females who sells standard meals things at the festival.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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