Tuesday, 30 May 2023
Fishermen dumping catch on beaches is illegal, says MoAF

Fishermen dumping catch on beaches is illegal, says MoAF

Issuing a statement right after the circulation of video clips on social media channels about hundreds of dead fish discovered on Seeb beach, MoAF mentioned that this was due to the illegal practice of fishermen dumping undesirable catch.

The ministry mentioned on its Twitter account on Sunday that when fishermen go out to the sea, several fish varieties which have no industrial worth get caught in the nets.

Many fishermen dump the undesirable catch on the shores, the ministry mentioned.

“Such practices are contrary to the laws of fishing. We have issued regulations on the use of nets for fishing beneath the Ministerial Decision No 245/2016.

“We call upon all fishermen to refrain from wrongful and illegal practices for preserving marine resources,” MoAF mentioned.

Muscat Municipality had lately tweeted about hundreds of fish such as stingrays washed ashore in Seeb.

The municipality carried out a clean-up operation for disposal of the dead fish.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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