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First flight at new Muscat airport to land at 6pm on March 20: PACA

First flight at new Muscat airport to land at 6pm on March 20: PACA

This was announced by Dr Mohammed Nasser al Zaabi, chief executive officer of the Public Authority for Civil Aviation (PACA) at a press briefing on Wednesday. The briefing was attended by all parties associated to the Airport Transfer Project.

He mentioned that the Oman Airports Management Company, Oman Aviation Handling Company and Oman Air are closely functioning to make sure smooth transfer to the new airport.

At the briefing, a quick video on entry and exit routes of the new Muscat airport was shown as well. “Preparations for the opening are 89 per cent complete and most of the work will be over by March 14.”

He mentioned that 45 trials have been carried out till date associated to the airport operations. “Forty out of 45 trials involved 21,000 participants and volunteers.

“The target is to have 26,000 participants at the end of all tests,” mentioned Dr Zaabi.

Dr Zaabi mentioned that about 10,000 individuals will be employed at the new airport terminal complicated comprising government agencies, contracting organizations and cleaning and upkeep organizations.

He mentioned that the aviation sector will supply 390 jobs whilst hoping that the logistic sector will supply eight,000 job possibilities.

With regard to the quantity of aircraft that can be handled at the new airport, Dr Zaabi mentioned that it can accommodate 40 flights per hour. “There are 118 counters to clear travel procedures, including 22 e-gates. There will be ten carousels for handling bags, including eight for international flights.”

In a statement on its official Twitter account, the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MoTC) mentioned, “More than 4,000 people participated in flight trials. The number of simulated flights reached 786 and more than 82,000 bags were used, in addition to more than 26 accompanying exercises. These exercises will continue until the airport is operational.”

MoTC has mentioned that it will be coming out with ads on numerous media channels such as nearby newspapers to announce about the shift to the new airport. “As component of the media strategy, text messages will be sent to citizens and residents in various languages informing them about the move.

“In addition, there will advertisements on social media platforms and foreign newspapers. Billboards at the current airport and on the streets in Muscat governorate will carry the message about the shift from March 1 onwards.”

(With inputs from ONA)

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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