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First auction of special mobile numbers fetches more than RO300,000: TRA

First auction of particular mobile numbers fetches a lot more than RO300,000: TRA

“The two-day auction began on February 8 and achieved great success with a total of RO311,000 being raised. Omantel numbers were auctioned for RO287,500 while Ooredoo numbers fetched RO23,500. As many as 258 participants registered for the auction, of which 222 registered for Omantel and 36 for Ooredoo special numbers auction,” TRA stated.

It added, “Twenty special numbers from both mobile operators were auctioned. Omantel had seven diamond numbers and three gold numbers while Ooredoo had four diamond numbers and six gold numbers.”

The particular quantity 71111111 was sold for RO196,000 at Omantel’s auction and the highest bid at Ooredoo’s auction went for the mobile quantity 79100000. The on-line bidding was performed via the internet sites of the telecom organizations with the participants registering via the stated internet sites.

The bidding program was established and created by TRA in coordination with the telecommunications organizations. As per international greatest practices, the cash from the quantity auctions will be allocated to charitable organisations authorized by the Ministry of Social Development in the sultanate, as stipulated by Article 16 of the Telecommunications Regulatory Act and its executive regulations (49), which stipulates that ‘the authority shall determine and collect the allocation charge for premium numbers and shall deposit the proceeds in a special account to be spent for good purposes according to Article 16 of the Act’.

Accordingly, the TRA followed a defined mechanism to distribute the auction proceeds on an annual basis, exactly where TRA contacts charities at the starting of every year as per lists of charities authorized by the Ministry of Social Development, to submit their annual plans and projects. TRA then research these plans and projects and determines a certain quantity of total revenues from particular numbers auctions for distribution to these organisations, right after acquiring the approval of TRA Board of Directors.

“With regard to bidding registration charge, this is regulated by the lately issued regulation organising the allocation of telecommunications numbers pursuant to Decision No 1/2018, below which the diamond and gold numbers are auctioned as per the controls set out in this regulation, with the objective of reaching transparency in the allocation of telecommunication numbers among customers.

“The regulation also stipulates that telecom companies be entitled to three per cent of the registration proceeds of RO20 per bid registration with a maximum of RO5,000 for each auction after deducting any charges payable for online payment.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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