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Fans upset as Arab nations knocked out of World Cup

Fans upset as Arab nations knocked out of World Cup

The region’s favourite, Egypt was the very first to crash out losing 1-three to hosts Russia on June 19. Saudi Arabia and Morocco followed the subsequent day, with losses to Uruguay and Portugal, respectively. Tunisia on June 23 crashed out right after getting defeated by Belgium.

“It is so sad to see no Arab country making it to the next round. Egypt is a good team and I am disappointed. This is the first time four Arab nations are taking part and I was hoping to see at least two teams advance to the next round. I had high hopes on Egypt,” mentioned Ibrahim al Safti, an Egyptian teacher in Muscat.

Safti blamed coach Hector Cuper for the team’s defeats. “Players like Mohamed Salah and Trezeguet [Mahmoud Ahmed Ibrahim Hassan] are good, but the Argentinian coach did not do a good job. The composition of the team on the ground was not good and something needs to be done about that. I wish they do well in future.”

The final of the Arab teams to exit from the World Cup this year was the North African nation Tunisia. Hot favourites Belgium smashed Tunisia five-two on June 23.

Siham Mohammad, a Tunisian operating in Oman, mentioned, “Our team played good but the opponents were stronger. It is sad to see the team exit the World Cup so early but we didn’t have good strikers. Our defence too was not good. I am sad but hope my team to play well in future.”

Some really feel, a single of the strongest Arab teams Morocco, regardless of getting a great team has been unlucky. Their early exit is getting attributed to the group they have been placed in. The team had to face robust opponents such as Portugal, Spain and Iran in the group. This was Morocco’s very first World Cup look given that 1998.

“Our team is great but the group they are in is too strong. We had to fight it out with Spain, Portugal, and Iran that are very strong teams. We are so disappointed but there is always a next time,” mentioned Abdul Qadeer Mohammad, a Moroccan teacher.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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