Monday, 17 May 2021
Sanath Hemachandra dominated the Muscat Monthly Scrabble competition recently held at the American British Academy in Al Khuwayr.

Exciting Scrabble competitors organised in Muscat

With only a single loss to his name, Hemachandra managed to stroll away with the best position following winning some close games against best opposition. In second location was Junaid Kardame followed by Megel Barker in third. Paul Richards and Joel Coutinho rounded out the best five.

In the youth division, Josh Joseph spelled his way to good results by winning all his allotted games. In second location, was Nabeeha Kardame, followed by Abishek Lal in third. Morgan Barker and Sageerthan Sivakumar completed the best five. The other young competitors have been Praveen Rengarajan, Shirushtiga Sivakuma and Thanisha Rengarajan.

The Muscat Monthly is a normal chance for scrabble lovers to play competitively. The occasion is facilitated by the Oman Scrabble Players’ Association. The tournament is open to all ages and to all levels of players and entrance is totally free. Ranging from expert players to novices, the occasion caters to and offer an incredible likelihood for players in Muscat to expertise higher level Scrabble. Every player who participates earns points that qualify them to be a element of the Oman Scrabble ratings program.

According to Scrabble organiser, Megel, “Scrabble provides an incredible opportunity to sustainably develop vocabulary, enhance strategic thinking and hone critical thinking skills. Young children exposed to the rigors of competitive scrabble will ultimately benefit from the experience.”

Scrabble has been classified as a single of the thoughts sports that contributes positively to children’s mental improvement. However, there is nothing at all like more than the board competitors to inspire youngsters to believe deeply and foster determination. In a friendly but competitive atmosphere, your kid can place the electronic tablets away and loosen up on a loved ones board game in an intense and genuine understanding atmosphere. With the subsequent Youth World Championship set to be hosted in Dubai this year, Oman hopes to produce the situations for a young scrabble champion to be nurtured.

The subsequent Muscat Monthly is set for May 11, 9am. For any person interested in maintaining updated on events in the Scrabble calendar, join the Facebook group, Scrabble Players of Oman or send an e mail to addressed to Megel, the occasion organiser.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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